With the ongoing situation around COVID-19, we wanted to share an update with my valued customers. Firstly we need everyone to know that Cybertron Surgery will do its absolute best in the next two months to fulfill all outstanding in house orders.

All Pre orders will be provided in the next two months, if stock dose not become available by the stated pre-order date. Refunds will be issued with my sincerest apologies.

As stated in our recent Social Media post Cybertron Surgery will be take a two month break from new orders and stepping back from pre-orders and stocking Toys.

Upon return Cybertron Surgery will focus entirely on Customs including dioramas, displays, parts and Repairs. The new direction will be focusing on these item and providing the best quality but also a better level of customization with individual orders.

Thankyou to everyone who has been supporting CS in orders, ideas and their designs !


Welcome to Cybertron Surgery We, and our partners, design replacement parts, displays, dioramas, cosplay, prototypes and just about anything you can think up, we can make into a reality. Using state of the art 3D design and sculpting combined with filament and resin printing and moulds. We then combine these with good old fashion modelling and paint techniques to make any display or creation come to life. In the lab we also restore, repair, upgrade and sell transformers, new and old. Official, third party and 3D printed parts and upgrades, and so much more.  We are an authorized Merchant of funbie studios and a reseller of various toys and upgrades both new and used.

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