Store Update !

Ozyformers posted this week about the stock issues affecting all orders of the new waves. Check that out hear of you want a read !  This at this stage only seems to pertain to Earthrise Wave 2-3 and has affected ALL distributors including the big ones ! 
Worry not, i have had my first batch of pre-orders that are on backorder confirmed although its doubtful ill get my full order. Its also unlikely to get hear before xmass the way things are going. That said, i have been exploring other methods of getting stock out of the USA for my existing pre-orders and new pre-orders through some USA based retail and wholesale. Worry not I will make sure you get what you ordered. 
Just wanted to note that so far all listed pre-order prices will remain the same, however there may be some items that dont make it to OZ at all. In this instance ill do my best to acquire them in the USA and have them shipped over. These will have a slight increase as some ill have to acquire retail and i have to at the minimum cover costs..
Cybertron Surgery - doing our best to keep you all up to date and with new bots and bits !

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