Welcome to the Website Launch !

Launch New Products Welcome

Welcome and thankyou to everyone who has supported Cybertron Surgery to get to this point. Now we have a streamlined website that incorporates fast easy ordering and shipping. 

Its been a wild ride so far, and a special thanks to my friends, partners and loyal clients who have helped Cybertron Surgery grow into the family and brand it is today. 

Now with  improved services, more printers, more tools and better turn around time on projects you can have your items in fantastic quality and faster than ever before. 

Our inventory has grown significantly with the incorporation of partnerships with other designers and organisations. This has allowed us to stock a larger number of custom products and offer more customization and cheaper prices on many items.

Whats next ? 

Expect more products and partnerships as we grow, as well as types of materials and products. There has been talk about sticker, decals, display lamps further dioramas, full "bots", kits and even clothing !

Thanks again from the Cybertron Surgery team ! 




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