Whats new at Cybertron Surgery !

Hi everyone and welcome new and old members !

So there has been a lot going on in the background the Lab has been at full throttle churning out new designs, customs, and making new relationships with designers and distributors. So the news and updates below ! Get HYPED ! because we are growing fast, new products every week ! Thank-you to everyone who has been supporting Cybertron Surgery ! Let us all RISE UP ! for Cybertron :P 

New Bots

We now have two Direct Wholesale accounts for new bots ! so more means to get new stock in ! I have also been working on wholesale accounts with some third part providers for some of those special wish list stuff we all love. Any suggestions on the best third and forth party bots or designers let me know !
Be sure to get your Pre Orders in before its too late !
Somethings coming this October ! #halloween #halloweendisplay #halloweentransformers #transformers #3dprinting #sale #watchthisspace
Halloween is coming !

New Bits

There have been a lot of new bits added to inventory, from Funbie studios we have data pads, missile launchers, flame throwers and more. Some in house designs as well such as the Jetfire kit, Optimus kit, Spinister kit / Rotorstorm, and some great new BLAST effects !
*Jetfire alt mode Kit, Blast Effects
*Optimus Earthrise Kit & Jetfire Bot mode Kit


New Displays

Had some custom displays come out my end, from Shockwaves Tower painted and light up to Netflix themed Soundblaster Throne ! We do custom commission designs and custom paintwork, so if you see something and want it customized or want something created from scratch we can do it ! Stay tuned as there are more coming including a UltraMangnus Prison, Sharkticon Pit and Ark Crash Site !

Funbie studios new Stuff !

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