Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Floating Tensegrity Display Platform
Cybertron Surgery

Floating Tensegrity Display Platform

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Brought yo you by Cybertron Surgery the Funbies Studios Design 

Note, all orders of items not in stock are printed, painted and sent within 7-14 days of purchase unless advised otherwise. Colors may vary as items are individually crafted.  Some construction may be required.

Items as listed in variants, please do hesitate to contact me VIA chat, Email or Contact us for any query's

Sizes: As listed, however if you contact me directly i can size items and fit to any figure/bot or display need.

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Variant: Comes Painted or Unpainted. -  (UNPAINTED is cleaned but un sanded) (PAINTED: Is sanded, coated painted and sealed) Colors: May vary but come general as pictured. 

Printing: is done with multiple printer types, nozzle sizes and methods items will all have varying differences due to printing sanding and panting.









So here it it - the Floating Tensegrity Display Platform for Transformers with a logo base for each of the factions. Autobot base shown here:

This platform works great for display the fliers like Starscream (shown with the SkyDoom Shield addon -  here:

Where it gets even more interesting is when used with our earlier Beast Wars Floating Platform too! This can be done by removing the two small thrusters on its underside, and pegging the tensegrity platform's 5mm top peg into its 5mm port for better stability:

Tested it to work for bigger bots like Rhinox and Megatron too! There also is a certain charm of letting it rotate or wobble slightly by tapping its side:


Assembling this is rather straightforward but the knot tying is the least fun bit! 
Each stand will require a top platform piece, 2 x struts and the base logo piece. The top and bottom pieces are connects with three lines of the same length (we used nylon fishing line as it was clear) and then where the two strut come close to one another in the middle is connected by a loop.