Welcome to Cybertron Surgery.

As the founder, Benjamin Turner, Transformers has always been a passion for me. Being a 80s baby and enjoying the original Generation 1 (G1) show as a child and then enjoying watching the brand grow and evolve over the years has been a exciting and eventful journey.

Cybertron Surgery started out small as a simple hobbies idea to help save a few broken bots i had. I still remember my first successful repair print and the satisfaction it gave me to see a old and worn bot returned to his full working order.

I have always been technically minded and artistic, panting miniatures and models most of my life and designing displays for my collections was something i always loved. When i realized i could merg my tech ideas with my creative side it was obvious the sky was the limit with my creations.

After a while i branched out into all manner of 3D solutions to toys and everyday issues that in truth drove my partner mad with filament and plastic all over the house. But it built my knowledge and experience in 3D printing and design and also allowed me to network with others who had a passion for 3D design work.

It was through these people within the transformers and 3D printing communities that the idea for Cybertron Surgery first took form.  When i helped others in my local group Transformers United WA to fix and refurbish their bots i realized that there were many people that had bots that needed fixing, bits missing and collections worth of something fantastic to display them with.

Today Cybertron Surgery and our partners, design replacement parts, displays, dioramas, cosplay, prototypes and just about anything you can think up, we can make into a reality. Using state of the art 3D design and sculpting combined with filament and resin printing and moulds. We then combine these with good old fashion modelling and paint techniques to make any display or creation come to life.

In the lab we also restore, repair, upgrade and sell transformers, new and old. Official, third party and 3D printed parts and upgrades, and so much more. We are an authorized Merchant of funbie studios, 3D Forge, Maxlabs and a reseller of various toys and upgrades both new and used.

Who am i ?
I am a father of two who enjoys transformers from across its vast universe and generations. I love to create displays, parts and do repairs. I am part of a great community in Perth WA and hoping to become part of the wider community of Transformer fans, 3D design / Printers and toy repairs and restorations. Cybertron Surgery started out as a simple 3D printing and customs hobbies that has grown into producing some fantastic parts, displays and more done my a number of amazing designers as well as our own designs, customs and client commissions. 

How far we have come !
Cybertron Surgery has grown now from a single worn Ender 3 Printer to banks of small and large scale printers modified to give the best quality with the fastest timeframe possible. We experiment with different materials, printing methods and techniques and always trying to improve our manufacturing and designs processes. We welcome feedback and always strive to improve our manufacturing design and customer services experience !

Were you come in ?
Well firstly buy some stuff ! yes everything you buy from CS will go towards building the business and improving our methods and designs. However if you just want to lend a helping hand to help us raise funds to this extent we welcome donations of any kind as well as Patreon membership to support CS growing to the next level.

What is the next level ? 
 We want to grow ! both in the production ability and improve project turn around but also improving manufacturing methods to reduce cost that we intend to pass on to our clients by reducing the end product cost. Currently we use FDM and Resin methods of production combined with modeling, panting techniques, however i have the ability to make these into cast molds. Problem is we don't own a Injection mold machine.

That's were we want to be to build enough of a following and support to afford a injection molding machine to more cost effectively produce larger scale diorama and parts for our clients. Reducing cost of materials time to make and clean at a far superior quality at a much more affordable price. !

So keen to help ?
Injection molders can be between $10,000AUD upwards with a decent one setting us back at $30,000 Australian Dollars AUD. So as i update this we have a few thousand followers on social media. if everyone donated $10 even once we be more than half way to a decent machine. Its out hope that with a gofundme/kickstarter and our Patron that we might raise these funds in the next couple of years so Cybertron Surgery can provide more quality services at very competitive prices going forward !