Cosplay Props

When it comes to creating high quality and durable props / costumes; 3D Printers have proven themselves as powerful tools within the cosplay community. Some cosplayers / prop makers exclusively use 3D Printing to create amazing costumes from scratch and for other cosplayers 3D Printing is seen as just another tool at their disposal, used in conjunction with techniques like foamsmithing, vacuum forming or molding / casting.
Hear at CS we combine many techniques to get the end result, and offer a number of neat pre-designed items as well as take on custom jobs. Having made basic props such as replicate cosplay firearms, armor parts all the way up to full 3D printed suits of armor. 
For more examples take a stroll through CS Instagram. 
Whats your Cosplay Dream  >?< let us make it a reality ! A real spiffy one at that !
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