How long till my printed order is ready ?

This article is about the manufacturing speeds available for information on shipping speeds and costs, check out our article on shipping time !

Please note that these lead times are based on our express manufacturing speed and based on item sizes.

Normal, Priority, and Rush.

Normal 7-14 Days (normal)

Priority  7 Days (tips $15)

Rush 1-3 Days (tip $25) 

All standard purchases are printed as quickly as possible and out for delivery withn 7-14 days. However if your not to keen to wait you can TIP during checkout  $15 for Express or $25 for RUSH.

The express offering prioritizes parts and ensures delivery within the manufacturing time outlined above, while normal manufacturing will not be prioritized and will be manufactured when capacity is available allowing for a low cost option for parts that don’t require a specific delivery time frame.

The Rush option is available for all projects, however keep in mind the size of your order and the size of the items being printed. 


If your item is small (blast effects) - 3 days, if your normal size average like a kit it should be manufactured within 7 days. If the item is medium sized such as a iconic ship normal sized it will be within the 7-12 days. However if the item or items are Large like a Teletraan 1 or Decepticon terminal it will take the full 7-14 days unless RUSH or priority  is purchased. Lastly, if your order is colossal ! The item will take within 14-28 days. ( these items are for our bigger displays such as the Pit of Judgment, prision/jail nd large scale dioramas.