What dose Cybertron Surgery Sell ?


Some clarification 

  • In stock merchandise is ready and available to ship from our warehouse.
  • Pre-order means we are taking advanced orders for a product. It has either not been released or has not yet arrived at our warehouse. For more information please see the Pre-order Guide.
  • Just announced - Often times a new product will be unveiled at a convention or other announcement ceremony but will not actually be available to pre-order until a later date. As soon as the official product solicit is made available we will publish the listing(s) on our website.

In house Crafted

This refers to all Cybertron Surgery's printed, crafted items. This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • 3d printed
  • resin printed
  • Cast Molding
  • Sculpting
  • Poster prints
  • T-shirts & merchandise (unless noted).

We sell a wide range of products from stands, dioramas, thrones, ships cosplay props replica weapons and display ornaments. As well as action figure upgrade kits and replacement parts. 

These items are NEW, crafted inhouse as specified in the individual product description and variant according to size, class, color, painted unpainted, built or kit. 

  • Kit - this will be printed and base cleaned, ready for you to build and paint to your preference.
  • Built - This is the item built and often base coated with some minor detail work.
  • Built & Painted - The item is printed, cleaned painted and built. This will usually involved a higher level of detailed paintwork.
  • Deluxe Paint, Print, Build and clean ! - This is the gold 5 star services often only offered on selected items and usually involves adding additional features such as lighting or electronics as well as panting, building the item.

Where do your designs come from?

 At CS we make a lot of our own designs and improve on community designs, credit is given were this is done and or agreements made with the original designers. We have a number of long term agreements with individual designers and studios to provide printing and distribution services for their designs. 

Hear are some, but not all of the studios/ designers we have ongoing agreements with.

  • Meta Creation Studios
  • 3D Forga
  • Funbies Studios
  • Printformers

Toys &  Collectables

We sell a wide range of toys, although we mostly focus on Transformers and related materials we also occasional span out into all manner of Sci-fi & fantasy. If there is a item we don't list but your trying to find ask our friendly staff if we can source it for you as often we have access to stock that retailers don't. We usually stick to collectables but around x-mass time we do tend to stock a few other toy lines that are popular. 

  • Transformers Hasbro
  • Transformers Third Party
  • Dr Who
  • GI-Jo
  • Star wars
  • Marvel
  • Power rangers


Cybertron Surgery has a little merchandise we offer, and are happy to take requests if you want to brandish the label and show your support ! We also offer some custom shirt and poster designs.