Addon Grimlock's Intelligence Transfer Helmet
Addon Grimlock's Intelligence Transfer Helmet
Addon Grimlock's Intelligence Transfer Helmet
Addon Grimlock's Intelligence Transfer Helmet
Cybertron Surgery

Addon Grimlock's Intelligence Transfer Helmet

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Brought yo you by Cybertron Surgery the Funbies Studios Design 

Note, all orders of items not in stock are printed, painted and sent within 7-14 days of purchase unless advised otherwise. Colors may vary as items are individually crafted.  Some construction may be required.

Items as listed in variants, please do hesitate to contact me VIA chat, Email or Contact us for any query's

Sizes: As listed, however if you contact me directly i can size items and fit to any figure/bot or display need.

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Variant: Comes Painted or Unpainted. -  (UNPAINTED is cleaned but unsanded) (PAINTED: Is sanded, coated painted and sealed) Colors: May vary but come general as pictured. 

Printing: is done with multiple printer types, nozzle sizes and methods items will all have varying differences due to printing sanding and panting.

Intelligence Transfer Helmet which Grimlock used to bestow his creation, Computron, with the intelligence to be used tandem with his ultra-fast computation capacity.

Sizing-wise, these pieces have been designed to fit on Power of the Primes Grimlock and Combiner Wars Computron. Having said that, these files can definitely be re-scaled for other figures.

All the photos attached here also show the 5mm variant of the set of pieces used, connected with a 5mm rubber tubing. This may appear a little less accurate to scale so for this, versions for with 2mm and 3mm holes are also provided, which can be "connected" sing perhaps flexible filaments, smaller tubing/string or other suitable materials..

On the upside, the 5mm connector hole allows for (pretty non-canon usage of) siege effect addons like this, for what its worth!